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Albanese (2017) HDRip 720p


Their dangerous betting on them starts. In the past, she was a fat woman, but now she is active as a fascinating and sexy popular writer and columnist. The four alumni who appeared in front of her are great, Tae Jin, Jae Wook, Inseop, Alignment. They come to her BAR a day long. Now, the purpose of their unhappy uncle was that they were separate ... Because of BAR's alabama index and eunjeong which Kyungmin runs ... 
The alumni are the ones who have a good time with them and start betting ...

aka 알바생들-무삭제판 / Albanese / Part-time Job / 又名: The albasaeng
Release Date: Apr 28, 2016 (South Korea)
Director: 홍수동 | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: 이은미, 양근석, 심호성, 이정렬, 안소희, 소윤
Resolution: 1280×720 | File Size: 507.59 MB | Runtime: 1h 29mn
Format: MP4 | Encoder: SEE18+ | Source: KOR 720p HDRip H264

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