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Make Me Shudder 2 (2014) DVDRip Subtitle Indonesia



The wacky and foul-mouthed high school boys are back. The gang is led by their leader, Kunatip Pinpradub (Nick). His gang members include: Puvadol Vechwongsah (James), Worachai Sirikongsuwan (Tape), Suppakij Amornthitipong (Benz), Kittipat SamarnTagulchai (Bill), Brian Garton (Brian) and Sirapob Manitikun (Net). After challenging supernatural forces at an abandoned school (in Make Me Shudder Part 1), Nick, Bew, James and his friends are now preparing for their university admission. As they played too much and failed miserably for their examinations, James brings his friends to receive blessings from Mae Nak Shrine, hoping to enter a university. However, Nick does not believe in Mae Nak and insults Mae Nak at her shrine. Suddenly, a whirl of wind brings the gang back in time. Mae Nak appears and promises to grant them their wish, but under one condition: they have to find her husband, Pee Mak. Desperate, the gang decides to seek any help to return back home. This is when the horror (fun) begins.

Genre: Horror/Comedy
Director: Poj Apirut
Cast: Wanida Termthanaporn, Pongpitch Preechaborisuthigul, Kunatip Pinpradub, Puvadol Vechwongsah, Kittipat Samarntragulchai, Worachai Sirikongsuwan, Rittichai Tasarika, Brian Garton, Sirapob Manitikun, Witawas Tawkumleu, Metakorn Supapuntaree, Surawich Ruengyoss
RunTime: 2 hrs
Rating: PG13 (Horror)
Released By: Encore Films and GV

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