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Si Kabayan Saba Metropolitan (1992)

Si Kabayan Saba Metropolitan (1992)

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Ben (Benyamin S) and Joescano (Joescano Jusuph), who work for Hartawan (Bram M. Darmaprawira), cooperate with Hartawan’s wife (Ida Kusumah), who wants to buy a lovely parcel of land belonging to Kabayan (Didi Petet) and Abah (Rachmat Hidayat).  Abah, who is promised the opportunity to meet with his favorite dangdut (popular music with Indian and Middle Eastern influences) singer (Mercy Marsita), agrees, but Kabayan refuses. Not even threats from Abah that Kabayan will no longer be allowed to continue his love relationship with Abah’s daughter Iteung (Nike Ardilla), can make Kabayan change his mind. Kabalan becomes even more stubborn when a genie gives Kabayan an amulet in the form of a head band, which can make him invisible. This amulet is exploited as much as possible to elicit laughter, especially when Kabayan ends up in Jakarta and is confronted with all kinds of modern gadgets he doesn’t understand how to use. More laughter is cajoled from viewers when Kabayan meets the daughter of Hartawan, a beautiful young woman named Karina (Ayu Lestari), which causes a misunderstanding between him and his girlfriends Iteung. Interspersed throughout the humorous scenes of this comedy is barbed criticism of the excessive greed of the wealthy. In the end, Kabayan, who continues to refuse to sign the land transaction contract, win outs. Abah, who finally understands, returns to his village.

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