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The Haunted Drum (2007) DVDRip Subtitle Indonesia


Ping, a young nobleman retired himself from the service of the crown to be a musician. He became a student of Master Duang, the famous musician in that time. Master Duang owned the mysterious drum called Perng Mang, the drum that brought success or death to people. Meanwhile, an arrogant musician called Muan tried to convince all the students to leave Master Duang. Some students did and horribly died with no reason. When Master Duang was defeated by Muan, he called Ping to inherit his music knowledge and gave him the Perng Mang. Also, Ping was told about the secret of Perng Mang that it was made from a woman's skin called Thip, the same name of the woman he fell in love with.
Movie: The Haunted Drum
Thai: เปิงมาง กลองผีหนังมนุษย์ (Perng Mang)
Director: Nuttapeera Chomsri, Sranya Noithai
Producer: Thawatchai Phanpakdee
Release Date: April 19, 2007
Runtime: 102 min.
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand

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