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Crying Out In Love (2016) WEB-DL 720p Subtitle Indonesia


A movie adaptation of Japanese novel Socrates in Love (恋するソクラテス), written by Kyoichi Katayama: In a small town of southern Japan, Sakutaro “Saku” Matsumoto and Aki Hirose, classmates since junior high, become high school students. During this time they begin to date and their conversations circle around the idea of what love really is, beginning after Saku’s grandfather shares his own past love story with Saku. After a trip the two taketo an abandoned island, Aki discovers she has leukemia, which limits her chances to go outside or see Saku. Once Saku learns the truth, he buys flight tickets to take Aki to Australia’s Uluru (Ayers Rock); a place she had always wanted to visit after missing the school trip there, but she dies before she could board the plane.The story takes place as a flashback through Saku’s eyes as he and Aki’s parents travel to Australia to spread Aki’s ashes in the place she had always wanted to see.

Traditional 在世界中心呼喚愛
Simplified 在世界中心呼唤爱
Mandarin Zaì Shìjiè Zhōngxīn Hūhuàn Aì
Directed by Kwak Jae-yong
Produced by Chen Shuang
Lin Zhenghao
Written by Kwak Jae-yong
Zhou Zhan
Peng Xiaojiao
Cao Jinling
Based on Socrates in Love by Kyoichi Katayama
Starring Oho Ou
Zhang Huiwen
Yang Zi
C2M Media
Huoerguosi Enlight Media
Beijing Joy Eastern Media Co.,Ltd
Distributed by Beijing Enlight Pictures
Release date
26 August 2016
Running time
90 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office CN¥11.1 million[1]

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